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NKorea vows to retaliate over US ransomware accusation

Dec 21, 2017

North Korea vows to retaliate after US blames it for WannaCry ransomware attack, says claims are 'grave political provocation'

Chinese company Xunlei plans US cloud computing service

Dec 20, 2017

Chinese tech company Xunlei says it plans to launch a cloud computing service in the United States and Europe next year, aiming to compete in Amazon's home market

Apple CEO hopeful banned apps will return to China store

Dec 6, 2017

Apple's chief executive says he's optimistic some apps that fell afoul of China's tight internet laws will eventually be restored after they were removed earlier this year

Apple, Google at Chinese internet fest shows lure of market

Dec 4, 2017

Apple, Google leaders' presence at China state-run internet conference highlights dilemma for Western tech companies trying to expand in increasingly restricted market

China detains man for service to evade internet firewall

Sep 18, 2017

Chinese authorities detain a software developer for selling computer services that allow internet users to evade China's "Great Firewall," which blocks access to thousands of websites, from Facebook to Google

Rogue Korean child-monitoring app is back, researchers say

Sep 12, 2017

Researchers say a South Korean child-monitoring app that was taken off the market in 2015 after it was found to be riddled with security flaws has been reissued under a new name and still puts kids at risk

China's ever-tighter web controls jolt companies, scientists

Sep 10, 2017

China's campaign to stamp out use technology that allows web surfers to evade its internet filters is disrupting work and study for millions of entrepreneurs, scientists and students

Samsung ends Intel's 2-decade-plus reign in microchips

Jul 28, 2017

Intel's more than two decade reign as king of the silicon-based semiconductor ended when Samsung Electronics surpassed the U.S. company to become the leading maker of the computer chips

China clamping down on use of VPNs to evade Great Firewall

Jul 20, 2017

China clamping down on use of VPNs to evade internet controls

China postpones portion of cybersecurity law

May 31, 2017

China is postponing enforcement of part of a cybersecurity law that business groups warn might violate Beijing's free-trade pledges, but says most of it will take effect Thursday as planned


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