FreeBank, the world's first digital asset bank, was launched by FB International Foundation. It is a one-stop service platform for the public to provide safe, convenient and efficient digital assets, designed to solve the problems of users managing a variety of digital currency inconvenience, exchange transaction process, value transmission is not smooth.

FreeBank uses the public chain FreeBank Chain as its infrastructure, using the Palm Bank APP as the bridge to link digital currencies and ecological scenarios, making digital currency storage safer, more accessible, and more widely used.

FreeBank uses Zero-Knowledge Proof Zero Knowledge, SHA512-ZERO Algorithm Encryption, Ring Topology Hub Ring Topological Relay Technology, NOBLOCK Technology Engine, NO-LOCALCOIN Redemption Network, Six innovative science and technology, such as ZeroPay Flash Payment Network, enable free completion of value transfer and redemption, and ensure the data security of the FreeBank network, making it easy for digital asset terminals to achieve one-click cross-chaining and conversion. FreeBank provides users with simple, convenient and secure exchange and trading services through its original NO-LOCALCOIN redemption network and its own in-house decentralised exchange, FB Exchange.

FreeBank platform to palm bank APP as the core, to create digital currency storage, payment, exchange, digital currency financial management and lending, social, new media, entertainment games and life services, such as 8 sectors, to provide users with a one-stop management of digital currency, decentralized storage, digital currency transactions and exchange, AI wallet financial management system, digital currency lending and other services. Among them, FreeBank for the vast number of investors launched AI wallet financial management system, can automatically crawl hundreds of international mainstream trading platform in real-time digital asset trading prices, trading depth and trading data, in the hundreds of millions of data for high-frequency analysis and screening, Through the world's top financial quantification team for platform users to build a unique digital asset quantitative transaction database, build the latest quantitative trading model, coupled with advanced artificial intelligence, FreeBank can help users increase the value of digital assets 24 hours a day, to bring stable benefits to users.

FreeBank's six innovative science and technology and eight sectors ("6 plus 8") have created a significant advantage in its business model. FreeBank is able to face up to market pain points, through leading technology products to meet the market's demand for digital currency secure storage and convenient trading, through digital currency financial services, to bring stable revenue to users, encourage user participation and sharing, not only to meet the flow of digital currency, but also to provide users with a full range of services, In order to enhance user stickiness, for the community to build a locked fan base, its own public chain FBChain, can expand more palm bank APP applications and services, enhance the platform market competitiveness, business capabilities and profitability.

Relying on the platform public chain FBChain and pocket bank APP 8 application stakes, FreeBank at the same time to serve both enterprise and individual users, has a larger user base, rich profitmethods, including: transaction lot fees, project-side coin fees, advertising, value-added services and so on.

In addition to its "6 plus 8" advantage, FreeBank has highly qualified team members. FreeaBank team members are recruited from around the world by the FB International Foundation, which has extensive industry experience in blockchain technology and digital currency finance.

The establishment of FreeBank has promoted the development and application of the digital economy, enriched the application of blockchain technology and digital currency, and led the future era of digital economy!
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