Amarrai Cabell’s Latest Single ‘Mean a Thing’ Surpasses 3million streams on Soundcloud

The hit track is also topping Soundcloud charts in three different countries, and has earned Amarrai Cabell his fourth alternative iTunes number one in South Africa

10/16/20 – Amarrai Cabell’s new single, ‘Mean a Thing’ has surpassed 3 million streams on Soundcloud, a few months after its release. Having debuted on multiple radio stations, ‘Mean a Thing’ is also number one on Soundcloud in three different countries, and is the fourth track to earn the artist the number one alternative iTunes spot in South Africa.

Since its release, ‘Mean a Thing’ has been reposted by every major channel on Soundcloud and is arguably a fan favorite. If you are tired after a whole day of work, and need a warm bath and good relaxing music, this track is exactly what you need. All you need to do, is grab a bottle of wine, soak in a bathtub, and enjoy a wonderful blend of classical, emotional, soulful music.

In a recent interview, asked about his inspirations and style of music, Amarrai is quoted to have said, “I have always been into music. I could remember  as a child going  to the library were they had a few selection of CDs there and it was the only way I could hear artist I looked up to such as Kanye West and many more. I don’t like being held down to one genre as I believe my music is certainly outside the box.  I classify myself as an alternative artist though and love making all genres of music”.

Alternative artist, Cabell has amassed over 10M soundcloud plays and now has two double silver plaques and the highest viewed vimeo artist of the new decade with 4M views with very little social media.

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