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July 05, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - New Skills Academy (NSA), the leading provider of online education in the UK, recently discussed the successful launch of their new branch of online education services in the US market. Their US expansion was announced earlier this year, and the online academy stated they would be developing new courses that were better suited to the new location.

Today, months after their arrival in the United States, NSA has polled the students that have completed their specially designed courses to ask their opinions on the quality of their experience. Hundreds of graduates from their US courses participated in the poll, and the online academy states that the results were outstandingly positive. Almost without exception, the vast majority of NSA’s graduates gave their courses a perfect rating, and many went even one step further to give NSA nearly-perfect to perfect reviews on both the Google and Trustpilot review platforms.

Chris Morgan, CEO of New Skills Academy, says, "We are extremely proud of having received such an outstanding response from our students in the short amount of time we have been in the US; it means the world to us. We have worked tirelessly to ensure that all student experiences exceed their initial expectations. The feedback we have received is a massive vote of confidence in what we are working towards, as we now see definitive proof that we set ourselves in the right direction. These reviews make us all the more determined to ensure our students have a fantastic experience with us at every point in their educational journey."

The online education provider explains that there were two main aspects of their UK business that they were working to transfer on to the new location. The first priority was to offer a broad selection of accredited courses which students could freely choose from—and then go on to find great success when moving into their respective fields of work. Secondly, the academy also wanted to maintain the level of student support which they hold in their UK courses, a highly responsive system in which a student could reach out to their instructors and receive help within minutes.

Morgan asserts that these goals were their biggest challenges as well, along with maintaining the quality of their courses. He states, "While we could have simply migrated our courses from the UK to the US, and launched our services as they were, we decided against it. The US market has different necessities from the UK, and our students have different job opportunities which our UK courses would not necessarily cover. By developing new courses that are unique to the US market, we seek to give our students an edge when they go on to find a job."

New Skills Academy takes pride in hosting a flexible and affordable means for their students to acquire new skills and knowledge. The academy boasts an edge over their competitors due to the broad catalog of courses they have available.

Dereck Simmons, a graduate of one of NSA's new courses in the US, shares his experience, saying, "New Skills Academy's courses course are direct and relevant. The website is easy to navigate through and is filled with useful resources that aid the learning process. One of the best traits of their courses is that you're able to work at your own pace on your schedule, and could even complete multiple courses at the same time if desired. I would highly recommend New Skills Academy to anyone that needs help with getting an edge when searching for a job. It's very affordable and I love the lifetime access I have in case I need to refer back to something. I highly recommend them and their courses."

More information on New Skills Academy and their arrival in the US can be found on the company's website. Those looking for an affordable way to extend their knowledge in different areas and receive related accreditations can begin their training at a moment's notice by visiting the academy’s website as well. Furthermore, interested parties may follow the company’s official social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up to date with their latest news and important announcements.


For more information about New Skills Academy, contact the company here:

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