O2 Arena & Bywaters choose Compact & Bale Horizontal Baler

World-famous venue reduces general waste and labour requirements by replacing outdated vertical mill size balers with a far more efficient solution.

December 6, 2019 / / —

Thanks to help from waste management provider Compact & Bale, London’s O2 Arena has taken another huge step towards becoming carbon neutral by overhauling its approach to the loading balers aspect of their recycling procedures.

World-Class Facilities For A World-Class Venue

As one of capital’s hottest venues for events across the worlds of sport, music, and theatre – in addition to a plethora of shops, eateries, and entertainment facilities – the O2 Arena has made a conscious effort to drive forward its social responsibility and environmental sustainability in recent years thanks to a partnership with Bywaters Waste Management, who subsequently chose Compact & Bale for the venue’s latest upgrade – the implementation of a CB44 semi- automatic/horizontal baler with photocell and hopper.

Despite major improvements elsewhere, the use of two vertical mill-size balers was stopping the venue from clearing waste materials in a quick and consistent manner, leading to frequent backlogs during peak hours, subsequently increasing the loading labour requirements. Bywaters used their existing relationship with Compact & Baler to find a far more suitable solution.

Replacing the outdated facilities with the CB44 semi- automatic/horizontal baler with photocell and hopper has transformed the venue’s approach to waste management as they can now process larger quantities at a quicker rate. Crucially, the photocell’s automatic chamber-filling attributes enable the efficient and continual loading of recyclable material, removing the need to wait for cycles to end before adding the next lot of material.

This subsequently cuts the need for additional labour while operatives can now leave the area, allowing them to work more efficiently and dedicate time to other tasks such as supporting venue guests rather than waste time waiting to feed material into a baler. Crucially, the faster processing of a baler that handles up to two tonnes per hour has also enabled the venue to improve its handling of waste materials – particularly cardboard – to become an even greener arena.

About Compact & Bale

Compact & Bale is a total waste management solutions company that provides businesses with market-first innovations covering waste compactors to recycling balers, such as their liquid draining machine The LiquiDrainer®, the worlds only automatic vertical baler The AutoLoad Baler®, a fully autonomous baling machine requiring no automated feeding system The Baletainer® and the only non-screw based polystyrene recycling machine The Styropress®.

They also provide many innovative labour & operational solutions that cover standard vertical balers and waste compactors. No matter the challenge, the company designs, supplies and maintains world-class solutions that reduce costs, improve revenues and improve sustainability, whatever your business.

The company also offers national & full commercial waste management solutions including free waste management audits to transform the carbon footprint one company at a time. They even purchase old plastics, polystyrene, paper and cardboard, and metals while their recycling evolution continues with new innovations to support a cleaner, greener commercial landscape throughout the nation.

More information is available at Compact-and-Bale.com. Alternatively, press contact James Eaton can be reached on james@compactandbale.com or 07720823430. Post can be sent directly to Compact & Bale, Unit 6 The Hop Kilns, Goblands Farm Business Centre

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