Pen2Publishing Highlights New Services for Publishing and Promoting Books

Pen2publishing is a self-publishing company that works with writers who want to publish their book. They offer many publishing services such as cover design, formatting, marketing, distribution, and more.

Chennai, India - September 20, 2019 /NewsNetwork/ —

Chennai, India – As a part of their ultimate self-publishing bundle, Pen2Publishing is rolling out extensive new services designed to help writers publish and promote their books.

A new service being offered in their bundle is their eBook service. Electronic books have been growing in popularity across a variety of demographics. This is especially true as e-readers become more widely available nationwide. Tracking these upswings, Pen2publishing has invested considerable time researching and developing their electronic design and formatting process to better appeal to the audience of e-book readers. They can effectively fit manuscripts into the needed forms for eBook distributors such as Amazon publishing. The bundle also offers several customization and editing features.

Two other options that have been introduced in the bundle include cover design and interior design. After conducting several reader interest surveys, they have seen specific trends emerge. One major trend is reader preference for a professional and eye-catching cover. The company’s design services are intended to give authors more control over the look of their books.

The interior designs are typeset in Adobe InDesign and are available for a variety of book sizes. The cover designs are handled by the company’s team of professional designers. The service includes two cover concepts, unlimited revision of desired concept, a promotional 3D cover image, and more. Also, the bundle includes an author page for effective promotion that consists of an author bio, contact details, and book details.

Pen2publishing offers various methods of self-promotion for their authors. In the modern consumer market of social media, internet sales, and websites, the company has decided to improve its digital services to fit their clients’ needs better. The bundle comes as part of a company-wide effort to increase the exposure that their clients’ work receives.

To complement the main services being introduced in the new bundle, the company has also created bonus services. Their new list of bonus services include barcodes and ISBNs, paperbacks for promotion, social media services, and video teasers. The company hopes that these additional tools will further assist in their clients’ promotional needs.

In recent interviews with the self-publishing team, many of its leaders proudly proclaimed, “Pen2publishing wants to publish your book”. They note this phrase as a key element of their business philosophy. It rests on the idea of helping fresh writers know that their work is valued. For writers interested in learning more about the company and their new bundle initiatives, more information can be found on their website.

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