Popular Brands Imports Top Quality Bamboo Socks Made in Ukraine

Popular Brands presents top quality bamboo socks imported from Ukraine made using sustainably grown bamboo.

October 17, 2019 / / —

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing crops in the world and the fibres can be used to create soft, breathable fabric which takes significantly less water than cotton to produce. As bamboo is a self seeding grass, it is often viewed as an invasive species but with careful farming practices, this plant is incredibly sustainable, requiring no fertilizer or pesticides. Bamboo is the crop that grows itself meaning that the harvest is the only labor required.

Popular Brands are now importing organic bamboo socks made in Ukraine. These socks are made using top quality material and are designed to be seamless with hand linked toes. This makes for a truly comfortable sock that is so lightweight, customers would be forgiven for forgetting they had socks on at all. Bamboo fabric is also hypo-allergenic so the most delicate feet will be happy. The bamboo fibres won’t irritate sensitive skin and, since the bamboo is grown organically, there won’t be any trace of pesticides or other man-made chemicals.

Socks may be a basic item but the difference between a regular polyester or cotton socks and bamboo socks is quite surprising. Bamboo is a hollow fibre which means that it is highly absorbent. For the wearer, this means that bamboo socks can go all day without feeling damp and can even be used to keep the sweatiest feet dry at the gym. Even better, bamboo fabric is naturally antibacterial which means that socks won’t smell bad after several hours of use. Some studies in Japan have shown that bamboo fabric eliminates over 70% of introduced odor-creating bacteria.

Feet go through a lot in the day and so comfortable socks are a must-have for most people. The bamboo socks Popular Brands are introducing offer a soft cushioning feel and allow their customers to wave goodbye to rubbing, chafing and discomfort. The breathable nature and thermo-regulating properties of bamboo fabric also means that the temperature of the wearer’s feet is carefully controlled. These socks will ensure that customer’s feet stay cool on hot days and are nice and warm on cooler days.

For more information about Popular Brands, please contact Georgiy Kharchenko on 2405521515 or by email to info@popularbrands.clothing. Please address any postal queries to 2261 12th ave w, Seattle, WA 98119 and check out their website https://www.popularbrands.clothing for any further information you need.

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