Red Light Therapy Device LED Inflammation Home Treatment Report Released

Bio Hacker Nation released a full report on the RedRush 360, a popular at-home red light therapy device which can be used to reduce inflammation, muscle pain, and promote tissue healing.

Lexington, United States - October 17, 2019 /PressCable/ —

Bio Hacker Nation released a full report on the RedRush 360, a high-quality at-home LED red light therapy device. The report features an overview of red light therapy, a presentation of the RedRush device, as well as practical tips on its potential applications and use for at-home therapy and treatment.

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The latest report aims to provide objective information on RedRush 360, an increasingly popular at-home red light therapy device.

According to the report, red light therapy is based on the increased ability of red light to penetrate the skin and stimulate the affected tissue’s natural healing abilities.

The efficiency of red light therapy has been proved by numerous studies by prestigious academic, research and government bodies, including the US Military and NASA.

According to the report, the RedRush 360 can be used for a variety of therapeutic purposes, including reducing inflammation, promoting tissue healing and muscular relaxation, alleviating pain and many more.

The report addresses a series of potential safety concerns related to the use of the RedRush 360. While some users report eye strain or headaches after using the device, these effects can be avoided by wearing goggles or simply by avoiding staring directly at the light.

Readers will also find practical information on how to use the RedRush 360 device to obtain specific therapeutic effects.

The report states: “Red light therapy works because of the photochemical reaction that it stimulates. This happens deep in the mitochondria. The exact effect you can expect will depend on the density of the light, the wavelength, and how long you received treatment. For instance, if you want to experience an analgesic effect, you should have a continuous beam pointed at the area. If you want to access the anti-inflammatory benefits or repair your tissue, then pulses are better.”

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