Rio Rancho Car Accident Lawyer Now Taking On New Clients

October 18, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Rio Rancho, NM based Will Ferguson & Associates is pleased to inform the communities they serve that the firm is ready to take on new clients. The Rio Rancho auto accident lawyers specialize in winning compensation for the victims of car accidents, and are eager to place their expertise at the service of all those who require legal representation.

“Whenever an accident occurs on the road, there is often a person or entity who can be held responsible for it,” says Will Ferguson of Will Ferguson & Associates. “Even unsafe driving conditions can mean that the government should have taken more measures to ensure road safety. In any case, we know that vehicle collisions can result in a host of injuries and other trauma that you will often need help addressing. Whether this takes the form of medical bills or other forms of therapy, you are entitled to compensation from the party responsible. We consider it our mission to see that you are justly recompensed.”

Such compensation can be sought by means of filing an auto injury claim, according to Ferguson. The issue is that filing a claim and seeing the case through to its conclusion can be a difficult process for the average person to endure, particularly because they will often have to navigate many legal hurdles that they have never come across before. In light of this, Ferguson deeply recommends that accident victims seek out a reputable and experienced car accident attorney who can stand by their side and pursue the case for them.

Above all, the New Mexico attorney reassures clients that, “You don’t have to go through this process alone, nor do you have to rely on your own resources. Your foremost priority in the aftermath of a crash should be to recover from your injuries at the best possible pace. Given our vast experience in pursuing auto accident claims, we can guarantee that you will have to do very little in your own case, if at all, if you choose to work with us.”

He adds that this holds true in the moments immediately following an accident as well. “Even if you don’t feel hurt, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Some side effects of accidents, like concussions, may only show visible symptoms long after the incident itself. Put yourself and your health first.” Once a doctor clears the victim, however, Ferguson advises that they seek the help of an attorney. Even if the injured party cannot consult with an attorney in person, he says, they may be able to send a family member or similar party on their behalf if they intend to press a claim. This will allow their attorney to begin their investigation promptly. As an auto accident investigation may include the need to gather evidence and witness testimony at the crash site itself, time is often of the essence.

As the firm states on their website, After your collision, you might right away think the other involved driver was responsible for the wreck. That could be the case, but there are other factors that cause collisions, as well. For instance, the other driver could have collided with you because their brakes were defective. If defective parts were to blame for the wreck, then a negligent manufacturer or mechanic could be responsible.”

They continue, “It’s important to piece together what chain of events led to your wreck. Figuring out the cause helps you to determine who is liable for the auto accident. A Rio Rancho vehicle crash attorney can assist you in investigating your accident to find out the cause and who was at fault.”

Those who wish to learn more about the firm’s legal services may contact Will Ferguson of Will Ferguson & Associates. They may also call the firm’s customer hotline or send them an email to follow up on any inquiries. More resources regarding auto accidents and the compensation one can expect can be found on the firm’s website, and more information can be browsed at the following link: Ferguson Law Rio Rancho.


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