UK Bespoke Autumnal Bridesmaid Card Wedding Party Gift Invitation Site Launched

A new site has been launched for bespoke “will you be my bridesmaid?” card designs. A floral and autumnal collection is available to help brides make their decision extra special.

Chesterfield, United Kingdom - October 18, 2019 /NewsNetwork/ —

A new site has been launched for bespoke bridesmaid cards allowing customers to ask their friends, family and loved ones to be a bridesmaid at their wedding in a unique way. A new Limited Autumn 2019 range is available on the site, which also has a guide to how to get the most out of the cards.

More information can be found at:

The new site features many different card designs to choose from, including the Autumn Burgundy Bridesmaid card, the Personalised Handmade Bridesmaid Proposal Card, and the Rustic Autumn Proposal Card design.

Each “will you be my bridesmaid?” card has a stylish design and makes for a touching way to ask someone to have a major role on the big day.

Choosing bridesmaids is one of the biggest decisions that goes into any wedding day. Asking a friend to be a bridesmaid is a clear message of friendship, love or commitment and is a testament to the strength of the friendship.

Brides will usually ask someone they think will be in their life forever, meaning it’s a special relationship in its own right. It can often be emotional asking someone to be a bridesmaid, and a lot of thought goes into it.

Now, with the new cards from the newly launched Bridesmaid Cards website, brides throughout the UK can ask the question in a unique, meaningful way.

The site states: “ It is thoughtful to consider that the best people in your world deserve more than just a text or a phone call for this momentous occasion. So asking bridesmaids should be done in the most special, creative and thoughtful way possible.”

Once the bride has decided who to choose to be their bridesmaid or bridesmaids, the time comes to choose the right way to ask. This will depend on the person, but using a bespoke card like those available on the online store adds a personal touch.

This helps to set the wedding up in the right way and makes the occasion even more special.

Interested parties can visit the bespoke bridesmaid card design shop through the URL above.

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